Booz data release "2015-2020 year Chinese New Building Industrial Park research and investment outlook report" chapter fifteen. The report describes the industry of new building industrial park related overview, running construction hand tools list environment, the industrial park construction heavy equipment of China new building industry, analyzes the status quo and industry of China new building industrial park of the new Chinese construction industry park industry competition pattern, the Chinese new building industrial park industry to do the analysis of the operating condition of construction machinery inc key enterprises and the development prospects of China new building industry industrial park and investment forecast. If you have a system for the new building construction equipment machinery industrial park industry understand construction construction and mining machinery machinery equipment or want to invest in new building industrial park industry, construction machinery and equipment this report is an important tool for you. New building industrial park construction equipment construction hand tools list magazine has a variety of functions, is a new type of construction construction machinery manufacturers in india industry research center, building materials research and development, production, sales area, and has the function of commercial function area and living area matching. New building industrial park is a collection of scientific research design, engineering general contracting, construction and installation of construction, Luqiao construction, decoration, overseas project contracting, real estate development, construction of industrial products production, building materials supply and marketing, logistics, hotel as one of the large-scale construction industry park. construction equipment pictures New building industrial park land use layout according to the layout of the scale and development direction of industry leading industries of the construction industry. New building industrial park land is divided into: office space, the construction construction equipment and machinery unit of land, commercial land, production enterprises land, living land construction machinery dealer and public land. Among them, used in the construction equipment companies production of office and commercial land accounted for about 70% of industrial construction machinery manufacturers construction machinery india construction machine names india park. The development of architectural decoration materials more remarkable, production capacity and output increased substantially, product quality, grade and matching the level increased significantly, the scale of production and technical equipment is gradually close to international advanced level. China has become the world decoration material producing country, consumption and export country. Material construction equipment australia leading products not only for many years in the total ranking first in the world, but the per capita construction machinery industrial consumption index was close to or higher than the world advanced level. The real estate industry business model differ not quite, largely (prices Huxing construction heavy equipment secondary housing housing) is to take, housing, real. When the real estate industry, fiery, created 170000, Wanda, a representative of the developers, they represent the residential real estate, commercial real estate model. Entered the real construction equipments pdf estate industry in east construction machinery inc 10 years ago, chose a different path: Industrial Park development. The first to enter the industrial park, seize the government and enterprises demand, "the first industry, after the construction equipment dealers real estate" smile curve; both ends of attention, only park planning and marketing, copy of the design mode, precision for 10 years, the accumulation of scale advantage. Whether the attackers or Wanda, regardless construction layout tools of how the different construction equipment prices construction machinery manufacturers design their business model, there are three points: the first is common, for clarity, also is to target customers solve any problem is very clear; second, product focus, this can let the construction framing tools commercial pattern of continuous copy, can do cross regional expansion; third internal construction equipment guide resources can be a good match, construction equipment manufacturer focused on the use of. In the past five years, the development of new building materials production construction machinery by more than 20% annually. From the analysis of national macro economic environment, the next 20 years will still be's high economic growth period. According to the real estate, construction, building materials and other related industries development trend prediction and judgment, to 2020, China will also build 30000000000 square meters of construction, new building material strategic focus as the building materials industry to adjust the industrial structure and the transformation of economic growth mode, and has broad prospects for development.