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The Results Are In! Time to Pop the Dom!

I did my last chemo infusion this morning! Yep my last!  I was just thinking to myself should  I say hopefully my last but hell no, it’s my last.  Here’s a picture of two of my favorite nurses Kimba and Martha following my infusion.  Notice my big smile!!   The scan shows no evidence of […]

Where Do I Go From Here?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Chemo Continues but for how long? Phase 2 of chemo is in full swing.  I just had round my 4th round with the next round scheduled for March 5th.  My labs are looking great and my CEA is still at less than .5.  I took an extra week off of the oral drug xeloda given my […]

Friendship Paddle Film

I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve!  I hope no matter what you celebrate this holiday season that you are spending lots of quality time with your family and friends.  I’m one of those people that thrives off what my husband calls the Holiday Crazy.  I love every bit of it including the music, the […]


I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post.  Where is the time going?  Is it really Christmas in 5 days? November 8, 2013 – One Year Anniversary  So much goes through my mind when I think back to the day I was told I had cancer.  That first week is forever […]

Our Magical Journey- The Friendship Paddle and Pedal

For months The Friendship Paddle board and their families and many of my fantastic friends and friends of friends planned and prepared for the amazing adventure that took place on October 18th and 19th.  Saying thank you for all the work that went into the event just doesn’t seem like enough.  Over these past weeks […]


Today marks three weeks since the big surgery.  It has been quite the whirlwind.  I’m not sure I really knew what to expect with regard to recovery and it has certainly taken me on quite the emotional journey. AM I DEPRESSED As you all know I have taken on cancer as the mortal enemy and […]

Successful Surgery!

I can’t believe the surgery is over.  The weeks leading up to it flew by.  I was so focused on getting everything covered and in line for the time I would be out that I didn’t really have time to obsess over the surgery.  I was literally moving non-stop until we left the house for […]

3 Days Till Surgery

SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 5:30 AM Surgery has been confirmed for Wednesday.  I met with Dr. Genyk on Friday and all is a go.  When I asked about any complications or concerns he said I hate to say it but your surgery is going to be boring.  Usually not very stoked when someone tells you something […]

Surgery ReScheduled

SURGERY- SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 – 7:30 am I got bumped from the OR on the 19th so my doctor could do a liver transplant on another patient.  Not much I could say but ok see you on the 25th.  I go down for my Pre-Op appointment on the 20th.  This is where they will tell […]

Surgery Scheduled September 19th – 7:30 am

SURGERY Surgery has officially been scheduled for September 19th at 7:30 am with pre op beginning at 5:30 am.  I’m still a little blown away that the surgeon said yes lets do it.  As I think back to the beginning I wasn’t sure I would ever be at a point that I would become a […]

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