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What is Team TSFC?

My name is Tara Haaland-Ford. I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer the afternoon of November 8, 2012.  The following day I got a CT scan and met with a surgeon. The surgeon told me it was not just Colon Cancer, but it was Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  “What the Fuck” is the first thing that went through my mind…then came the breakdown, then came the “okay what next,” closely followed by “how the hell do I beat this.” From there came my mantra:  “Tara Says Fuck Cancer” or “TSFC.”

I went in for surgery on November 10th and although they were able to remove the tumor from my colon (which was almost completely blocked) they could not remove all the cancer, which at that point spread to my liver and lymph-nodes.  So, I am fighting cancer on all levels. I am currently undergoing chemo infusions every three weeks, working with a Chinese herb doctor, seeing a Reiki specialist, working with a healer and have completely overhauled my diet.  So yes, Fuck Cancer!

I am a 40-year-old mother of two beautiful little girls – Madison (8) and Lucy (6). I am the wife of a Santa Barbara County Fireman. I am a criminal defense attorney in private practice with aspirations to one day be a judge. I am a past President of the Santa Barbara Teen Legal Clinic (and current board member) where I volunteer countless hours of pro bono legal services advocating for youth in the greater Santa Barbara community. In addition, I volunteer my time as the commissioner of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Committee in Santa Barbara County and as a board member for City at Peace. And, I am determined to beat cancer!

After the cancer diagnosis, I found out just how truly amazing the community surrounding our family is and “Team Tara” therefore came to life. Team Tara is my never-ending supply of support, no matter the task or need. Team Tara is here for me. Team Tara is here for my family.

I started this website because when I was first diagnosed, I was completely overwhelmed. However, with the help of my friends and family, records were organized, appointments were made and the fight for my life began. I want to share my journey with you because everyday I learn something new. My hope is that the information on this website will be useful to you and that my journey will inspire others to Fuck Cancer!

How Is this Website Organized?

There are three main parts to TaraSaysFuckCancer.com:

1) Tara’s Blog Posts. The title of this section speaks for itself. It consists of the periodic blog posts authored by Tara. To receive one email notification each time Tara creates a new blog post (approximately one email every 1-2 weeks), please subscribe.

2) The Forum / Discussions.This section is an open discussion forum where people can share ideas about various topics related to Tara’s treatment. This includes ideas, suggestions, and thoughts about specific doctors and physicians, other practitioners, diet suggestions, homeopathic topics, etc. Posting to the forums in self-explanatory. First, visit the sub-forum you want to post in (i.e. “MD’s, Doctors, Etc.”), then click “new topic.” Also, be sure to click the “subscribe” button for that specific topic so you receive updates when others comment and discuss.

3) Fundraising.  The Team TSFC fundraising page is still under construction. Once it is up and running, it will allow people to donate and fundraise for Team TSFC and beyond!