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Chemo Today, Schatzle Yesterday

Today marks Round 7 of Battle Number 2. I woke up this morning and decided I needed to start my day off with some relaxation in preparation for the chemo chair.  I headed for a soak in the jacuzzi and a little meditation time with our Buddha in the backyard. I focused on making Round 7 as positive as it can be and visualizing an easy few days as the chemo does its magic.  Not sure if it will help but hey I’m up for trying anything.

Linda picked me up and we headed to my favorite little restaurant in town, Green Table, to pick up a juice and a muffin before we saw the doctor.  Needed to get some more greens in before the chemo began to make its way through my body.  We met with the doctor and all looks good.  Labs all came back where they need to be.  CEA is back down to normal levels and it looks like I have kicked bronchitis.  I was all clear to head into the infusion room.

Now back to the title Chemo Today, Schatzle Yesterday.   Since I had bronchitis the doctor gave me an extra two weeks off chemo so it has been three weeks without the poison pulsating through my body. My energy is through the roof and I have been feeling great, so I decided  I needed to get my ass back in the gym.  It is so easy to make excuses especially when you have cancer.  I know you have to listen to your body and there are days that working out just isn’t in the cards but I have to admit there have been days that it should have been on the agenda but I let my mind get the best of me.  I let it tell me that I wasn’t up to a Schatzle workout or let me believe that I wouldn’t be able to keep up or it would just be too hard to not be able to workout at the level I used to be.  What I realized is my body was craving a workout, not just a walk but a workout.  Jenny Schatzle and her team have been amazingly supportive and told me to come when I can and do what I can, no judgement, just high fives, encouragement and an occasional ass slap.  So, Monday morning I woke up feeling great and told myself today is the day I’m stepping back through that door.   I headed into the noon class not sure how much I would be able to do and was pleasantly surprised to be able to do it all.  I made sure not to push myself too hard and to modify when needed but it felt so good to be there! So good, that I headed back for another on Tuesday even though I was so sore!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.  How many of us let excuses and a fear of not being good enough stop us from trying something new or showing up for something?  How much have you missed out on because of excuses?  Let’s stop making excuses and just do, put ourselves out there to new experiences, put ourselves out there even when we are not at our best and not let excuses derail us. If you have been holding back on something, a workout, a hobby, a relationship, a job, push yourself through the excuses and fear and just do it!  You will never know how well it will turn out if you don’t try and even if it turns out shitty it is a lesson learned and puts you on the path to success.

After four hours in the chemo chair I am now free to go with my pump attached for the next two days.  Thank you Linda for being my morning  pal and Renee for surprising me with the most beautiful flowers from your garden, to April for my delicious lunch and matcha drink, to Jenny for having Madi over after school and to Darya who will be at my house this evening doing healing bodywork to help with the lovely side effects of chemo!  My journey would be so different without all of the wonderful people in my life, cheering me on and supporting me every step of the way whether it be through chemo, my law practice, the Washington PTO or the number of other fun and exciting adventures I throw myself into.

Hugs and Kisses,




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