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Surgery ReScheduled

SURGERY- SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 – 7:30 am

I got bumped from the OR on the 19th so my doctor could do a liver transplant on another patient.  Not much I could say but ok see you on the 25th.  I go down for my Pre-Op appointment on the 20th.  This is where they will tell me all the scary things that could happen during surgery.  Should be fun, not.

My surgery will be happening in Los Angeles at USC.  I have to arrive at the hospital by 5:30 am for the 7:30 am start.  I just love early mornings.  Since my surgery has been moved we decided we could make it to the Depeche Mode concert on the 24th.  As many of you know I love live music so what better way to prepare for surgery than heading to a concert at the bowl.  Jon and I will head down to LA after the concert.


One of the tests that I had complete pre-surgery was an echo cardiogram stress test.  This is one of those tests where you have to run on the treadmill and they look at how your heart reacts to the stress put on it.  Thank goodness there were no IV’s involved in this test but for you women out there who might be sent in for a similar test beware it is done braless.  They told me to wear comfortable clothing and to be sure I had tops and bottoms.  so naturally I threw on a sports bra, tshirt, workout pants and running shoes.  I got to the doctor’s office and the techs said ok so here’s a gown take everything off on the top.  I looked and them like they were crazy and said why don’t I just wear my sports bra.  They said well, no, you can’t wear anything because we are going to hook you up to these wires and one specific wire has to be placed after you get off the treadmill and it has to be done immediately so we can’t have anything in the way.  I really thought they were joking with me.  Nope, not a joke.  You get to run on the treadmill braless.  I think that might be in some nightmare I have had over the years.  As I was sitting and waiting I sent a text to a few people about the fun I was about to have and of course the jokes immediately started. Definitely lightened my mood and made me laugh.  In the end the thought of it was much worse than the actual activity.  I passed no problem and was cleared for surgery.  Another task checked off the list.  Yeah!


The date is coming fast so if you haven’t signed up and you want to participate please do so ASAP.  There are so many logistics that come with planning this event and the sooner everyone is on the list the sooner it can all be worked out.

There are three ways to participate:

1.  Paddle and fundraise
2.  Pedal and fundraise
3.  Fundraise and Donate

You can check out more about the friendship paddle at:  http://www.friendshippaddle.org/.

If you want to paddle or pedal please ask to be a member of this site: https://friendshippaddletrek4tara.shutterfly.com/.  Once you are a member you can sign up for the pedal or the paddle.  The paddle is not meant for people just beginning to paddle or a little iffy about the ocean.

If you want to Donate go to:  http://www.friendshippaddle.org/donate_now.htm

I have provided a list of FAQ’s to help in understanding the event better as well as instructions on signing up.  You can find this information at:  http://tarasaysfuckcancer.com/donate/.  If you have friends or family that might want to participate or donate please pass on the information.

Even though my surgery has been moved I’m still planning on paddling.  I will have a little over three weeks to heal.  My goal is to start and finish the paddle and everything in between will just be the silver lining.  Having this goal gives me the motivation to get up and move as soon as possible.  I know there are some that think I’m a little crazy but we have to push ourselves to overcome the obstacles.  Being a part of this paddle and the amazing people that come with it literally feeds my soul so even if I can only paddle for a short period it will be worth it.



This year marked the 32nd year that my dad has been putting on Frazierstock.  Each year friends and family head up to the ranch for a weekend of fun, friendship and great music.  This year didn’t disappoint.  The kids enjoyed the dunk tank, waterslide, sno cones and more.


For me the event is like a giant family and friend reunion.  I get to catch up with childhood friends and hang out with all my besties.  It doesn’t get much better than that. I’m already thinking about what we can add next year to make it even better.


On Monday seven teams competed in the Mesa Olympics benefitting our family. Five events all of which brought great laughs from the spectators.  Madison said to me all the parents were acting just like kids.  Well, aren’t we all really just kids at heart.  There was a relay, tomato throwing, trash can rolling, surfboarding riding and last but not least the ultimate slip and slide.  A lot of fun was had by all.  The top two teams will be competing this evening for the Champion slot!  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately Team TSFC didn’t make it to the finals.


Thank you Chris and Kelly for organizing such a fun event!  Can’t wait for the showdown this evening.


After the Mesa Olympics I headed to the Jason Mraz concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl with Jody and Bryan.  What I didn’t know was the concert was a benefit for the, Life Rolls on Foundation.  LRO was founded by Jesse Billauer.  On March 25, 1996, on the verge of becoming a professional surfer, Jesse Billauer was surfing at his local break at Zuma Beach in California when he was pushed headfirst into the shallow sandbar, fracturing his neck. Billauer sustained a C-6 complete spinal cord injury, which resulted in quadriplegia. He lost the ability to walk and had limited mobility of his arms and hands. Jesse left the hospital and immediately knew two things: he had to surf again and he had to help others be inspired to follow their passions.

LRO is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury and utilizes action sports as a platform for inspiring the infinite possibilities beyond paralysis. LRO produces adaptive surfing, skating and snowboarding programs which empower paraplegics and quadriplegics to demonstrate that anything is possible despite paralysis.

Jesse spoke about his accident, his foundation and the support he has received from Jason Mraz.  He was quite inspiring.  So many times we think we can’t do something or feel it is just too hard but really how hard is it and how lucky are we that we can attempt to even do it.  So next time you feel like things are just too hard take a moment to think about those who would be ectastic to jump in your shoes and then push yourself even harder.

Hugs & Kisses


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