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Round 9

May 30th marked Round 9!  I really can’t believe I have already gone through 9 rounds.  They are so much easier now that I am no longer getting the nasty drug.  I confirmed with Dr. Woliver that we would continue to stay off of it unless my numbers began to rise and so far that is not happening and I plan on my numbers continuing to make their downward spiral.  My CEA was down again this time from 1.8 to 1.6.  I started this journey in the 70’s.  All my other numbers are holding well and when you can’t see inside your body the numbers are really all you have to rely on.

The theme for Round 9 was yoga and meditation.  A group of fabulous ladies came together under the instruction of Jill Martin to practice yoga and send me healing energy while I was getting my infusion.  Thank you Amy for providing such an amazing venue for the ladies.  Then there was a meditation created for others to do who were not able to make the awesome yoga session.  My healer tells me that when I walk into a room she can feel the energy/spirits/warriors that are battling this disease right along with me and I know so much of that comes for all of you.  Thank you for taking this journey with me and sending me so much love and healing energy.  Thank you Linda Meyer for taking me to Round 9 and making it a fun afternoon despite the morning stop at the chemo lounge.  Thank you to my fabulous chemo nurses Martha and Kimba.  They rock!!

Round 10 will be on June 20th and then I head down to see Dr. Lenz at USC on June 24th.  That appointment will big a one.  The hope is that he says it is time to talk to his surgeons about the possibility of cutting it all out.  I’lll keep you posted.

Recently I have been contacted by friends who are being touched by cancer in so many different ways.  I’ve been asked a number of times if I would be willing to talk to people on the crazy cancer journey and my answer immediately is absolutely.  If I can share with others and make their cancer journey just a little bit easier or get them the resources that I have found helpful it puts a smile on my face.  Cancer doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, one that is kept quiet and keeps a person in the dark.  Each person has to create the journey that works for them but I hope that by sharing and basically being an open book it will encourage others to reach out and accept help as they are going through their own journey.  I can’t imagine going through this all alone and keeping it all to myself.  I think I would go a little crazy.  Unfortunately there are many people out there without a support system, without caregivers and navigating it all by themselves.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone with cancer.

Can you believe it is already summer?  I can’t.  These past months have just flown by and I have a feeling summer will do the same.  I decided this year that the first week out of school would be camp and schedule free given that life can get so hectic with school, sports, social engagements, work and more. I thought a week of just hanging out would be awesome.  Day 2 and I think the kids are enjoying no wake up call by mom.  Today we will be headed down to Leadbetter Beach at noon so come and meet us if you are around.

Congratulations to my dear friends Malaka and Kyle  on the arrival of their baby girl Kamille!  Can’t wait to meet her.

Hugs and Kisses!!


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