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CT Results are In!

So I’m not cancer free but I sure am making positive progress.  Dr. Wolliver sent me the conclusions of the CT exam with the subject line Great News.  I was elated that we were receiving another round of positive progress. The conclusions are as follows:

1. Significant improvement in size of multiple presumed hepatic metastases, with small foci of residual enhancement/calcification compatible with treated metastases.
2. Interval decrease in size of previously noted prominent left para-aortic retroperitoneal lymph node, which currently measures 0.7 cm in diameter, whereas previously, it measured approximately 1.7 cm in
3. The previously identified enlarged mesenteric lymph node within the pelvis is not clearly seen on this

Now, what this all means, I’m not totally sure at this point but I am sure that it is positive progress toward kicking cancer’s ass!  I will be talking with Dr. Wolliver on Thursday to get a better understanding of how I am progressing in comparison to how he thought I would progress and what exactly this all means for my treatment as we are moving forward.  If anyone thinks of questions I should be asking please don’t hesitate to comment so I can add them to my list.  Lots of brains working together is way better than just one. 

In my last post I forgot to thank Crista Fooks and Scarlett Begonia for modifying their Kale salad to meet all my dietary needs.  It was absolutely delicious.  I’m hoping Chef Huff will teach me his secrets.  If you haven’t tried Scarlett Begonia I highly recommend it.  In addition, Crista has told her whole staff that my meals are on the house until I’m cancer free!  So amazing.  Love you Crista.

Sunday I had the opportunity to connect with Eve (http://updateeve.blogspot.com/) who has been fighting colon cancer for the past 5 1/2 years.  She is a wealth of knowledge and a true inspiration.  She is fighting cancer with every tool that she can get her hands on and was fortunate enough to be a part of a new study using immunotherapy and radiation. Guess what, it appears her immune system is learning to fight the cancer on its own and with no side effects.  So awesome!  We both laughed when she said you know its a good time to have colon cancer.  Why you ask, well there is some really great research and breakthroughs that are happening with regard to colon cancer and I plan on making sure I’m on the cutting edge of it all.  I was introduced to Eve over facebook by Ann Levine in December but it has taken me this long to finally reach out or find the time to make the call.  Thank you Ann!  I’m so glad I did not delay any longer because wow amazing doesn’t even cover it.  I look forward to many more long talks with Eve and a cocktail in the future to celebrate us both being cancer free because I know we are both going to make it happen. 

Round 7 of Chemo is scheduled for Thursday.  Unfortunately that means I can’t make it to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation’s fundraiser that night at Saks.  If you haven’t been you should go and support a great cause.  There is great food and drinks, fun people and all to help families whose child has cancer in our community! 



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