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CT Yesterday – The Wait Begins

Yesterday afternoon I had a CT.   I was called in and turns out it was the same tech that was there for my first CT on November 9th when this whole journey began.  She said you remember where the dressing room is right?  I replied, not really I was in a bit of a daze that day as I was just diagnosed.  She took me to the room, got me scrub type clothes to change into and I began to think about the exam as a spa treatment.  Made her laugh when I said I’m going with the spa treatment theme.  For those of you who haven’t had a CT you head in and get on the table.  At Cottage Imaging the ceiling has a very calming and peaceful picture of a beautiful ocean and mountain setting – yep spa it is.  The nurse hooked up my port and the intital pictures began.  Then they come back in and open up a valve that lets in some sort of liquid that literally makes you feel like you just pee’d yourself because you get this warm feeling all over.  Then more pictures.  When I finished the tech came and said so that was your hot stone massage.  LOL.  She was great.  Now comes the waiting for the results.  Maybe a Friday afternoon CT really isn’t the best scheduling.   Getting a scan is always a bit nerve wracking.  So far each time I have had results back things have been looking better and better and my hope is that the CT will show even more obliteration of the cancer!

This round of chemo has been pretty good.  My energy has been a little low but I think that has a lot to do with my food intake.  I’m doing my best to get more and more veggies down the hatch.  My biggest issue right now are my hands and feet.  One of xeloda’s side effects is dry hands and feet.  It is crazy I am slathering them both with bag balm and other salves two to three times a day and they are still dry.  It is almost like they are being burned from the inside out.  I’ll be talking to the doctor about other ways to deal with this issue because some days it even hurts a bit to walk and the itchiness drives you crazy.  For now I will keep slathering and slathering and hope that no cracking or sores occur because some of the pictures I saw of people are not pretty and I so don’t want to go there.  But really who am I to complain??  I’m able to enjoy each day, my attitude is phenomenal and my emotions are holding strong!  If you have any suggestions on how to deal better with this side effect please leave your comments on the website I’d love to hear them.

This week we received our first box of veggies from Something Good Organics program with the John Givens Farms courtesy of Dianna Fernandez!! Thank you so much!  It was awesome.  We received lettuce, strawberries, the best snap peas, carrots, grapefruits and more.  So nice that it comes right to your door.  Carolyn Givens who contacted me couldn’t have been any nicer and more supportive of my endeavor to kick cancer’s ass.  You can check them out at www.somethinggoodorganics.com.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my journey and I don’t know if I mentioned in prior posts but the day I learned of my diagnosis I reached out to Kelly Rosenheim.  She is a cancer survivor and we did the Avon Breast Cancer Walk together with an amazing group of gals, Team Bam!! I couldn’t think of anyone else to call and she was immediately there for me.  She not only listened but gave me such good advice on how to deal with the shock of it all.  She organized gifts for the girls for the holidays and did so much more.  She helped me stay on track and not drop into the darkness that so many fall into.  She inspired me with her journey and her courageousness to battle and come out on top and I think she really helped to shape my whole attitude toward cancer.  We could all use someone like Kelly in our lives.  A person that no matter what the hell is going on and no matter how long it has been since you talked or saw each other will just be there no questions asked.  Thank you Kelly! I hope that I too can be there for one of you like Kelly was for me.

A lot of people ask me how Jon is doing.  Well, it is hard and complicated.  Life as we know it has changed for the time being but I’m doing everything I can to keep it as normal as possible.  As a spouse of someone who is diagnosed with cancer I think you feel a bit helpless because you can’t do anything to fix it but what you can do is be supportive of the process, of the journey, of the appointments, of the nausea, the low energy, the gastrointestinal issues, the constant reminders that your spouse has cancer and everything else that goes along with it.  It is a lot to contend with on top of the fact that life doesn’t just stop when a crisis hits.  Currently, Jon is working on a garden project in our side yard where we will hopefully grow a lot of the veggies that I have been juicing and eating.  I’m so looking forward to picking our own veggies.  Thank you Jon for making this happen!

This morning I headed to Yoga at Jenny Schatzle’s new place with Linda and Heidi.  Mike was our instructor and the class was great.  My favorite part of course is the last few minutes of just quiet and peace where you are able to really visualize and bring in the healing energy of the earth and those around you.  One thing that has become abundantly clear to me over these past couple of months is that taking time out of your day just for yourself is a necessity.  It’s not about being selfish it’s about re-energizing, hitting the reset button, giving you time to let go of the stresses of the day and find some perspective.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day schedules that we forget to take care of ourselves and then what happens we begin to breakdown, tense up, aches and pains arise.  So my message for you today is to carve out time for yourself even if it’s a small window of time, get a workout, take a walk or run, meditate, or just do something that is meant just for you and no one else.  You will be surprised how much better you will feel.

Hugs and Kisses





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