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Team Tara Does it Again! Round 6 is on the books!

As many of you know my amazing team has been putting together themes for my infusions.  (If you want to get in on the themes email Anne at bloodgood@aol.com.)  Today was music and TSFC art.  It is remarkable how much music can lift you up and give you energy.  The indredible art that was posted and sent to me brought me lots of tears and joy.  I will posting all the photos on the site and if you have any others that you come up with please send them.  They give me so much inspiration to keep positive and continue up the mountain on this journey.   Sometimes I start to think to myself I don’t deserve this amazing team.  I’m just one person with cancer but then I think wait I need this mind blowing team.  It is my team that will inspire me and others to “Never, Never, Never Give Up” (Winston Churchill).  I didn’t know that quote came from Winston Churchill but just this week Jody gave me a necklace and a charm with this quote and low and behold we learned who it came from.  Pretty Powerful!  There are so many out there battling cancer who give up.  For me that was never even an option and very hard to understand but the more I talk to others the more I begin to understand and empathize but my goal is to help those people turn their thinking around and believe that miracles happen, our mind does amazing things and the earth’s energy is damn powerful!

Prior to my infusion this morning I met with the wonderful Dr. Wolliver.  I love him.  We talked about my blood test results and he was quite pleased that my CEA was down to 2.7.  What does that mean you ask well – people without cancer walk around with CEA levels at 2.6.  He cautioned me that it might not drop any further and I told him I don’t want to be normal I’m aiming for another drop!  He laughed and said it figures.  My other results were all within range to move forward with Round 6.  We discussed cutting out the oxi today because of the neuropathy that I have as a result but I said I can handle it and we need to push forward with at least one more before the next CT.  He agreed and said we would re evaluate at our next appointment if we need an oxi vacation for one round.  I will be doing a lot of visualization on my hands and the neuropathy this next week.

Today Dr. Wolliver showed me and Krista Kieding, my first chemo buddy of the day, and my Reiki Guru, the comparison between my pre op CT scan and my Pet Scan about 6 weeks ago.  You can see that there are only a couple of liver tumors left and the cancer in the lymph nodes is shrinking!!  I know I already told you but it was pretty cool to see the slides and have Dr. Wolliver walk me through them.  The best thing about Dr. Wolliver is he is completely open to all of my alternative therapies and you can tell that he truly believes I can be one of that 5 percent that beats Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  How awesome is that?  To me it means the world.  I vow to be the Exceptional Patient!  Today he told me about his wife’s organic garden.  He said he has kale growing like weeds.  Well you know where this is going, when Jon returns it is time to get the garden beds ready and the planting must begin.  It would save us a ton of money (Jon will like that)  as I am at the farmers market twice a week, lazy acres and mesa produce almost every other day.

I continue to see my healer, Sarah Martin.  Luv her!  The first time we met and she had me on the table she said she received visual cues, an arrow exactly where her hands needed to heal.  At the time I wasn’t sure exactly where the nodes were located that were causing the biggest problem for me and I was like this is a little crazy.  She new there were tumors in my liver but no other locations.  Today, Dr. Wolliver showed me where those nodes are located and guess what they are exactly where the arrow told Sarah to lay her hands.  I know some of you will think this is crazy.  I think it is awesome in every way!  I was already on board with the healing process but this gave me even more proof I’m doing the right thing.  ( Once again thank you to the Santa Barbara City Fire Department for sending me to Sarah!  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with her.)  I was laying on the table about a week ago and Sarah was doing the healing work as I was visualizing the cancer being obliterated.  All of the sudden it was like I was seeing the inside of my body, specifically an organ, no idea what organ.  Then there were four cell like visions that floated up out of my body.  Then it was gone.  It was crazy!  I thought I was going a little nuts.  I thought it was my eyes just playing tricks.  I tried everything to recreate the visions and got nothing.  I can’t explain what happened but something positive happened as I was laying on that table.  It was like pieces of the cancer were dissappearing from my body.

There are days that I falter and days that I think can I do this, can I win this, can I keep on my journey.  I was a little sad when my Dr. told me he didn’t want to alter my chemo sessions so I could join my family up in Mammoth.  (Thank you to the Flemings for their generosity.)  The girls haven’t really ever snowboarded so I was going to miss those firsts.  But I had to turn that sadness around and I realized I’m missing the firsts but I’m doing what I have to do to be around for the rest of their lives.  I’ll take that trade off.  Those days of sadness are when I have to dig deep and rely on my Team to remind me yes, I can do this!  There is so much more life in me.  So many more people to support and inspire, most of all my beautiful family!  So if you have one of those days dig deep, meditate, visualize where you want to be.  Erase the negative energy.  Go sit at the beach, the park, somewhere that brings you peace.  Let the energy of the earth bring you back up and inspire you to follow your dreams whatever they be.  Take a chance and ask for help when you need it.  Don’t do it alone.

Yesterday I was at the Orfalea Foundation for a town hall discussion on Restorative Justice.  My dream is our juvenile justice system will begin to embrace this philosophy and practice.  My dream is to make this happen.  At the end of the presentation we broke up into groups and sat in circle and answered two questions:  1.  Talk about a time you were harmed or you harmed someone and 2.  How would you have liked that situation to be resolved, what was missing from the resolution to allow you to be free of it?  We all shared private moments in our life where things happened and how we would have liked those moments to be resolved.  It is powerful.  It is community building.  It reminded me that I need to use this philosophy not only with my clients but in my personal life.  It is powerful work more powerful than any punishment you can level on a child.  What is your dream?

I told you about the magic mineral broth in my last post and I have now made my second soup, Red Potato and Broccoli.  It is delicious!  I’m on my second bowl.  Since I can only eat warm things right now and it is painful to chew or really to get my jaw going when I first chew, soup is the perfect food for a post infusion evening.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and your weekend brings you joy and adventures.

Hugs and Kisses



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