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Good Morning!

Thursday March 28th will mark the beginning of Round 6 and another week closer to the next CT which I am both eager to have done but also a little nervous.  It will of course give us the best information on whether treatments are obliterating the cancer or not.  My heart tells me that more will be wiped out but you always have that little part of you that says don’t say that out loud because what if it doesn’t come true.  Well, screw that, I’m saying it out loud so my mind knows what I want and where we are going.

The diet is going pretty well, although, I will admit I have had a few cheats.  I was trying out  new vanilla cupcake recipe and buttercream frosting and I had to take a little taste to be sure it was good for the Stars end of the season basketball party.  Then I had to try a bite and yep you got it I ate the whole thing.  It was literally the most delicious cupcake I’ve ever had.  Heidi pointed out are you sure it wasn’t heightened since you haven’t had any sugar at all.  She was probably right but I have to say I have found my new basic vanilla cupcake recipe and frosting.   I think the hardest part is not being able to have that little sweet something, berries have become my sweet.  I’m still not able to consume all the food I’m supposed to but I’m doing my best to get it all down.  As many of you know I’m not the cook in the house so most of my veggies are eaten raw or steamed.  I’m realizing I’m going to need to up my game if I’m going to sustain this type of diet.  A little variety is needed.  So here is my CHALLENGE to you please post your best veggie recipes in the discussion section.  Hey  maybe I’ll put together a little cookbook and each of you can write a little something about your recipe or something inspirational.  I’m thinking best seller.  LOL!  It can be any vegetables, any herbs, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and olive oil are all okay.  If anyone has a recipe with mung beans that would be awesome as well.  It can’t include dairy, wheat, animal products, soy, balsalmic vinegar, no sweeteners or mushrooms.  Soups would be great as well.  Today I’m going to be making the Magic Broth from the book Ginny bought me.  This broth is the base of a bunch of soups that I want to try.  If anyone is interested in maybe making the broth sometime that would be so great.  I already got one volunteer at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, Thanks Ashleigh!!

The healer has been amazing.  A few of you have said do you really believe in what she is saying and doing, I can say without reservation, absolutely yes!  During this last session as I was laying on the table something incredibly crazy happened and I can understand why you would question it or think maybe I’ve gone off the deep end but I’m telling you it really is amazing.  My eyes were closed and I was doing some visualization of light striking the cancer and eradicating it.  Sarah placed her hands on my lower abdomen and all of the sudden it was like I was seeing the inside of my body specifically an organ, I have no idea what organ but it was definitely an organ.  Then there were three or four circles that I watched come up and out of my body.  It was like cancer was leaving my body in little increments.  It was pretty incredible.  Then all of the sudden it stopped and I was back to laying on the table.  I thought to myself there is no way that just happened.  My eyes must have been playing tricks on me so I tried everything I could to recreate it.  I squinted my eyes, I blinked, I moved my eyeballs around and it wasn’t coming back.  I can’t explain it but something positive happened to me on that table.

One thing I am realizing is healing is hard work.  You have to make time for healing.  You can’t let a day go by without making time for healing.  Healing is a priority.  Whether its juicing, prepping meals, meditating or visualizing it all has to happen on a daily basis in order to keep your mind and body relaxed and on the right track.  Then there is the work with Sarah that really makes you look at who you are and how you have become who you are.  Self introspection is hard stuff but so necessary to the overally healing of one’s body.

I want to share a couple of inspiring stories from my Team.  In the past couple of weeks two more people have told me that they finally scheduled and kept there appointments to get a colonoscopy.  One friend was having difficulties but just kept putting things off and now is in the process of hopefully figuring out what is going on with her body.  My second friend had delayed going because of course no one wants to get a colonscopy but she finally did it after following my journey!  I love to hear that people are putting aside their fears and taking control.  For all of you who haven’t experienced a colonscopy I have to tell you it is way worse in your mind than the actual procedure.  The prep, well, I won’t lie that sucked but it’s one day.  Finally, yesterday a friend was doing a mud run and I posted on her status that she was awesome for getting up early on a Saturday and hitting the course!  She sent me a message later in the day saying that as she was heading up the hills it hurt and she wanted to give up but she thought of me and my fight to kick cancer’s ass and began chanting in her head Tara Says Fuck Cancer, she pushed through and finished!!  Love that others can pull inspiration and energy from my journey.  Such an honor, thank you.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.  Enjoy it to the fullest.

Hugs and Kisses                                                                                                         Tara

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