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Round 5 and Time to Blog

I’ve been posting my journey on the LOTSA site but I want to share with more than just my amazing Team Tara.  I want to share with others around the country and beyond, my journey, my ups, my downs and everything I am learning as I go.  When I was first diagnosed it was devastating, overwhelming, depressing and so much more but now as I look at my journey it is so full of life and miracles and I’m for damn certain going to be one of those miracles.  One can look at a Stage IV diagnosis as the end and give up or one can choose to say Fuck That this is my life and I’m not letting go that easy.  So as I am sure you can see I’m on the Fuck That team!

Yesterday marked Round 5.  Linda picked me up and we headed in for my appointment followed by 4 hours of Chemo.  The good news is my CEA is down again from the 8’s into the 5’s.  Normal range is 2.5 so I am pretty damn close.  Everything else is holding strong my immune system looks good and although my liver enzymes are up a bit they are still holding strong and were good to go for another round.  The great part of Chemo yesterday was that it went by fast with a little help from Team Tara and the theme of laughter.  Thank you Anne Pazier and Ginny Miller for being my chemo theme makers.  I was cracking up all the way through the treatment.  I received videos, jokes, inappropriate and hilarious pictures such a great way to pass the time.  If you haven’t seen the dancing granny or the sex ed monologue you gotta look them up on You Tube, hilarious oh and Chelsea Handler had me literally in tears talking about babies.  We even shared some of our humor with the patients next to us.  They loved it.  My team seriously rocks!  It’s day 2 of Round 5 and I’m doing pretty well.  I’m tired and my fingers are having serious neuropathy to even the slightest bit of cold but all in all I have to say I’m doing great!  Many people have asked me how many more rounds are scheduled and unfortunately at this point there is no schedule.  As long as my body can tolerate the chemo and as long as it is kicking cancer’s ass I will be doing chemo.

I’ve added some new ammunition to my treatment.  I talked in earlier posts about Dale Figtree.  She is a nutritionist in town and a cancer survivor.  Her regimin is pretty rigorous but she cured herself through nutrition and the more research I do the more survivor stories I hear and so what the hell two weeks ago I jumped right in.  Thank you Kim Cole for the Champion Juicer it is getting used three times a day.  I’m calling it the No Diet.  No animal products, no caffeine (Yep I’m officially off coffee), no alcohol, no soy, no wheat, no balsalmic vinegar, no mushrooms etc…  What do I eat you ask:  Vegetables and lots of them.  I have three fresh juices of day which consist of celery, kale, cherry tomatos, tumeric root, dandelion greens, cucumber and cilantro.  I’m supposed to have at least one blended salad a day and two tossed salads although the first blended salad I made was absolutely disgusting so I’ve been going with just eating what is supposed to go in the salad.  I was a bit worried about the dressing but it turns out olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon pepper and garlic is pretty darn tasty.  For dinner you add in a pound of steamed veggies and a very specific entree of 1 lb of red potatos or 1 lb of yams and a few other choices.  There area also, nuts, blueberries, and teas throughout the day.  It is a lot of work but I know it is going to help kill cancer.  I have to say it hasn’t been as hard as I thought.  I will admit that yesterday after chemo I went to the natural cafe and got a falafel. Not quite on the diet.

I have also started to see a healer.  Her name is Sarah Martin and I have attended two sessions.  (Thank you to the Santa Barbara City Fire Department for sending me to see Sarah.)  The first session was the day I started the Figtree diet and hours after having a Reiki Session with Krista Keiding.  I tell you this because the next day I had the most energy I have had since being diagnosed.  I was euphoric almost like I was on drugs. The energy continued on throughout the week by Sunday I lost some steam but wow, what a week. I’m not sure what exactly brought on the energy but it was amazing. I will continue to see Sarah on a weekly basis as well as attend Reiki sessions with Krista.

I have been doing a lot of visualization and when I was on the table with Sarah she put on some spa music that was thunder and rain.  As I was laying there I began to visualize the thunder literally blowing up the cancer inside of me and when the rain would come on I would visualize the cancer being washed right out of my body.  Last night I woke up to the sound of the pouring rain and I couldn’t get back to sleep so instead of getting irritated and antsy I took the time to again visualize the rain cleansing my body of the cancer and washing it right out.  Our mind is capable of amazing things and I’m hoping to tap into every inch of it.

I continue to be floored by the generosity of my team and community.  Thank you Santa Barbara County Station 12 for the gift card to Lazy Acres.  I feel like I am there everyday with this new diet.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!  Don’t forget if you are awake at 10pm each evening take a moment to visualize, pray or even just think about eradicating the cancer from my body.  There is so much energy in our world and my hope is the more I tap into the quicker the cancer  will be gone.  Please don’t hesitate to post in the discussion forums.  I know many of you have said you have great blended salad recipes and I would love to hear all about them.

Hugs and Kisses to you All!


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